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EFAS Working Group on pre-School and school age children Hearing Screening
The minutes of the EFAS work group SHS meeting from Friday 13 Nov 2015
can be found HERE

EFAS Working Group on Audiology and Intellectual Disability
A report from this working group can be found HERE

EFAS workshop 2016
EFAS Workshop and General Assembly, University College Cork, Sept. 15th and 16th

Dear Colleagues and Friends, a Chara!


Mission Statement of EFAS
The scope of EFAS is to promote cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge of audiology within Europe, both as a scientific field and as a hearing health service offered to the public. EFAS may also act as a common spokesman for European audiology in relation to other organizations.
We aim to:

  • Provide guidelines for education in Audiology (in relationship to the Bologna process)
  • Provide guidelines for the quality of service delivery
  • rovide the possibility of exchange and dissemination of knowledge
  • Promote the visibility and leverage of Audiology to policy makers
    To this end it shall:
  • Put together a curriculum for training audiologists and update the present published curriculum
  • Put forward a system of continuing education, professional integrity and quality control
  • Provide guidelines for protocols in the professional work of clinical audiologists
  • Promote European cooperation in research projects
  • Participate actively in meetings and conferences for Exchange of scientific information & Updates for topics &  Courses for basic education
  • Make information on these points available to its member societies
    Focus points: • Update of curriculum and role of EFAS in the Bologna process
  • Improve internal structure, representation and website
  • Ethical issues   • Communication on European projects
  • Identify societies, ask them to send a board member and link to their website
  • Identify individuals in other countries as potential links

This year, the Board are going to focus energy on emphasising action points from our EFAS Mission Statements.  Whilst we clearly see both the unity and diversity in European Audiology, we must recognise new links, and the changes in how people communicate in the 21st century.  Please help us to make EFAS work! 
Dr. Theresa Pitt, Au.D., M.Sc., F.I.S.H.A.A., Chairperson 2015-2017.