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EFAS Congress

Dear EFAS Workshop participants,
As you know, we are organising a workshop in conjunction with the 2016 Annual General Assembly of EFAS.

The workshops will be Co hosted by University College Cork and accommodation is in the nearby River Lee Hotel, in Cork City Centre. Further details will follow shortly, or contact me directly for the provisional programme. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note, if you were considering attending the ISA Congress on 18th September, that it is possible to fly to Vancouver, Canada direct from Dublin, Ireland on Saturday morning 17th September at 11.15 (with Air Canada Rouge), and there are excellent bus connections from Cork direct to Dublin Airport taking less than 3 hours at frequent intervals. 

Or Cork flights go direct to Heathrow airport and many continental European airports, with flight times of less than 2 hours to France and Germany. 

We can also have a bus tour to the beautiful Cliffs of Moher, the Burren and other historic sites on Saturday 18th September,  and so we could drop people to Shannon airport nearby, for shortest duration direct American flights.   It really is the Wild Western edge of Europe!

Dr. Theresa Pitt, Au. D. EFAS President

Following the wonderful reception of the QSIA e-Audiology project at the EFAS Conference in May, we're excited to open the QSIA system to EFAS members. The QSIA system may be used by faculty and students at their university to complete practice assignments, quizzes, and even exams, in English or in their native language. If you would like to implement the system for your students, please provide contact information for a liaison and we may begin the process. We're excited to embark on this great journey of cooperation and sharing and hope you will join us.
Thank you,

Ms. Hannah Mormer,
Assistant to Prof. J. Attias
e-Audiology Pilot Project
Attias Joseph, DSc

Professor of Audiology & Clinical Neurophysiology, University of Haifa

EFAS Project Grants

EFAS General Assembly
The EFAS General Assembly 2015 was held on Friday, May 29th, 17:30-19:00 hrs in Istanbul, Turkey, embedded in the EFAS congress

EFAS Working Group on pre-School and school age children Hearing Screening (SHS)
The first report of the EFAS Working Group on pre-School and school age children Hearing Screening (SHS), from November 23rd 2013, can be found here.

EFAS Education in Audiology workshop
The EFAS Education in Audiology workshop was held September 4th-5th 2014 in Leuven, Belgium. The minutes of the workshop can be found here.

A list of all audiology university education programs in Europe (including some general information about most programs) can be found here as well as a list of all contact persons for these programs. A list of workshop participants is available here.